Software Engineering Training

QBeat has been training Software Engineers and technology people on the practices and technologies that have helped us deliver high-quality software. Our training courses are being tailored to your unique business needs.
Moreover, our trainers are certified HRDA (ΑΝΑΔ) trainers, who have been fortunate to lead software engineering teams for the last years.
We offer practical and highly interactive pieces of training with hands-on exercises, case studies, and assignments on individual, pair or group level.
Following the training, we want to ensure that the participants are better equipped to tackle the challenges they face at work.
Our ultimate purpose is to build awesome workplaces and to transform Software Engineers to Software Craftspeople.
Please note that we offer both in-person training and through Zoom.
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We offer the following invaluable seminars.

Clean Code

Clean Code & Refactoring

Learn the best practices on how to write clean and maintainable code. Click here for the Training Brochure


Agile Software Development using Scrum

Learn what Scrum is and how it can be applied to your organisation. Click here for the Training Brochure